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Product Model : 3E-NT5F
  • Product Name :
    mini T5 electronic energy saving fluorescent lamp
  • Product Model :
  • Specification :
    14W 21W 28W 35W
Detail :

Model Number:3E-NT5F
mini T5 electronic energy saving fluorescent lamp bracket
Product Parameters:
Voltage Rating: 220V
Line Power Factor: ≥0.95
Useful Time:8000h
Lamp Current Wave Crest Ration:<1.7
Color of Light: White/Yellow/Red/Green/Blue
Color Temperature: 4100K
Power Electric Current Product Size
14W 67mA 40X43X575MM
21W 100mA 40X43X875MM
28W 134mA 40X43X1175MM
35W 167mA 40X43X1475MM

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